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  • Celebrity photo agencies face a growing sales problemCustomers overwhelmed by daily image feeds
  • Core Celeb edits and organises image feedsAnd alerts customers to the best images
  • Giving buyers the images they want to seeTargetting specific time zones, 24/7
  • Making our clients preferred suppliersBoosting sales and safeguarding subscription deals

Too many images, too little time

Get organised, and boost sales


By making it easier to find the best images, we keep our clients at the forefront of suppliers, allowing sales to be maximised, and keeping image buyers valuing subscription services.

Photo editors are increasingly burdened by a deluge of images as sellers try to get their latest pictures in front of purchasers.  It’s an understandable, but increasingly unsuccessful sales strategy, as customers tire of looking through irrelevant, poorly-labelled image sets.  Web sites take even longer to wade through. In some cases, companies with the most to offer are being ignored in favour of those with smaller feeds which are easier to look through.

Core Celeb has affordable solutions to get celebrity and news images preferential treatment in key international markets.  We create carefully-edited, well-labelled and targeted feeds of the latest shots, which photo buyers need just a few minutes to look through.  To support that work, we find the best images as they arrive at our clients’ servers, and send email alerts to assist salespeople and photo editors alike, as well as general promotion through social media.  We can also assist with rating images on your web site or provide image research services for your customers, charged on an hour basis.

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