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What Are You Waiting For?


Aug 6, 2017 Commentary Comments are off

We’ve all heard the saying: “feel the fear, and do it anyway”. But that’s definitely one of those that is easier said than done. Here are some common reasons why photo agency managers/owners tend to put off making necessary changes, and why they might want to look at things a little read more

Ask, Experiment, Review – Building Successful Sales Promos


Jul 13, 2017 Comments are off

Finding out if a new image promotion strategy is successful should be a matter of experimentation, not just asking customers what they like. Customers are crucial, but they don’t always know how useful a service will be, or how it will work in practice.  You probably don’t know either. It might also be read more

Putting The Customer First


May 31, 2017 Commentary Comments are off

Getting a reputation for customer service is a great way to keep and build business.  It sounds like an easy thing to do, but in the rush to automation and making sales online, it is easy to forget about the basics. Here are some ways you can increase customer focus: Go read more

Reclaim The Night (Sales)


Apr 19, 2017 News Comments are off

The best time for promoting imagery, is all the time. So if you’re not doing it yet, get ready to go 24/7. It is a rare thing for a photo agency to work around the clock, except for the largest players in the industry.  That means those large companies not only have read more

Old School Techniques for New Sales


Mar 30, 2017 Comments are off

When the CD came along, the vinyl LP was considered as relevant as the wax cylinder of Edison’s day. Yet in the year 2017, CDs are on their way out, and vinyl is having a resurgence. Could it be that photo agencies need to look at some old school ways read more

Get Your Pictures Out Of Hiding


Mar 10, 2017 Comments are off

Although no one intends to hide images from their customers, it’s amazing what lengths people inadvertently go to achieving that outcome by mistake.  Here are some classic errors, and how to avoid them.  Hide your images in plain sight – It is incredible how often excellent images are not brought to read more

Losing Focus With Your Image Feeds?


Feb 16, 2017 Commentary Comments are off

Sending too many images to prospective buyers is a cardinal sin, but often one that is committed due to lack of staff and time.  How do we know a Focused Feed of images – edited down to meet the target market, without overwhelming customers – is worthwhile?  And what can you do read more

New Year, New Ideas


Jan 26, 2017 Commentary, News Comments are off

As image and news agencies get to grips with the challenges of 2017, here are a few ideas about things you could change to make life easier, and improve sales: Curate to improve performance – Spewing unedited sets of images to potential buyers used to work once upon a time, but read more

Promoting Images Around the Clock


Nov 29, 2016 Commentary Comments are off

For a world where there is a picture buyer awake every minute of the day somewhere on the planet, promoting images shouldn’t be something that ceases at 5pm every weekday.  That’s where Core Celeb’s 24/7 service becomes invaluable. Especially for celebrity/editorial imagery, some of the most saleable images are likely read more

Mind The Gap – In Service


Nov 15, 2016 Commentary Comments are off

Image agencies struggling to cover the round-the-clock news window often attempt to do so with inadequate shifts, covering more like 18/6 than 24/7.  While it’s tempting to economise on coverage, sales can suffer if you don’t mind the gap. Here are the main problems coverage gaps can lead to: 1.  It’s crashingly obvious – with no read more